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Analytic Firepower provides research services to clients who need to know the truth about what is going on with their investments.  Analytic Firepower is not your everyday Investor.

Traditional investment advisers all devolve into marketing machines/asset gatherers.  The result is that more time is spent marketing than thinking, in turn this means that your money gets  allocated into a variety of very middling portfolios.   As asset gatherers, traditional advisers insist upon you assets being in custody of their clearing broker.   This transferring of assets can be a deterrent for many people from seeking truly independent advice.   Analytic Firepower was conceived to address these issues with the following solutions:

·   Leave your money wherever you feel comfortable with.  Get the same statements and reporting as  you currently do, no change of custodian is required.  

·   Keep as much control/confidentiality around your assets as you like/want.  We will work with you on your terms, you decide for yourself how much control or discretion over the asset management is optimal for your circumstance.   .

·   Transparent costs.   The portfolio’s we manage invest directly in securities, not sub-funds.  

Analytic Firepower LLC is and affiliate of our registered advisory firm;  Timothy Dooling, CFA, RIA (CRD# 136848).  I provide all of the traditional functions of an investment adviser to a variety of clients for much lower fees than larger shops.  All investment advice is provided by the registered investment adviser.


Have it Your Way, It’s Your Money

Different clients have different approaches to their finances, we provide the whole range of services from complete discretionary account management, to a-la-carte idea generation.  We leave it up to the individual client to decide how they prefer to interact, some examples of the role we play with different clients are:

Sounding Board/Financial Quarterback

Many clients prefer to execute transactions by themselves but benefit greatly from an independent advisor who can perform a deep analysis of an idea or project.   Also, all clients have access to my services as a Financial Quarterback to coordinate and interact with other people who participate in their financial affairs.   

Coordination among/between: Accountants, Brokers, Relatives, Trustees, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Salesmen etc.  When you are a client of Analytic Firepower, I will coordinate your financial life for you and give you independent/grounded advice on what is best for you.

Transparency and Communication is what makes us different

I differentiate myself from traditional advisors by maintaining a high level of communication aimed at giving clients transparency all the way through to the rationale behind the decisions I make.   As always with investments, some of them work and others do not, but in each case I aim to provide you a level of comfort around the diligence I am applying in each and every decision.

I characterize the style of management in investment jargon as “Value-based fundamental investing with tactical tilts.”

What this means in plain English is that I perform diligent fundamental analysis of securities to reach a conclusion about their value, which I compare to the current market price.    Once I feel that the shares are available at a price which provides an adequate return given the associated risks, I place it in the portfolio until either the return is realized, or we find out some new information that changes some part of the analysis we have done.

The tactical tilts are overall viewpoints about the market which are expressed in the portfolio either through hedges generally in the form of put options or short positions in an index, or over/under-weight securities positions.    The point of these “tilts” is to both lower portfolio volatility and provide the potential to generate return from areas and ideas where I have spent a substantial amount of time researching and have reached conclusions which I think can provide substantial returns or conversely avoid potentially large risks.

As a client you can choose your preferred method of interacting with me.  I send daily explanations of my thought process and rationale behind any investments made during the day.  I am always available to interact personally with clients on any views or concerns they may have about the evolution of their portfolios.

Value-Based Fundamental Equity Portfolio Management – This is a value-oriented diversified portfolio of stocks with high cash flow and high Returns on Equity.   

Core Equity Long/Short—This is the signature product of Analytic Firepower.  This is an undiversified, concentrated portfolio of stocks which have been the subject of deep fundamental research by me.     It is made up of stocks where I have a high degree of conviction in the conclusions of my research.  Generally most stocks in the portfolio will have been the subject of one or more written reports authored by me.   The portfolio contains Long and Short positions as well as tactical hedges which can include derivatives.

As “a-la-carte” products clients are free to add their own opinions/views to their portfolios by choosing only the components they are comfortable with.   Alternatively discretionary accounts will be managed in accordance with a mutually agreed Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which is crafted for each account where Timothy Dooling RIA, has investment discretion.

I look forward to beginning a relationship and have the ability to gain your confidence by demonstrating the high quality financial advice I provide.


Sample Research:

BMW - The Ultimate Financing Machine....6/21/12

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG 6.20.12.pdf

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