RIA Clients

Analytic Firepower provides Investment Advisory services to Individuals and Institutions through our affiliate Timothy Dooling, CFA, RIA.

What makes us different is our flexibility, it's your money after all.   We realize that people need financial advice, but everyone's situation is unique, that is where we shine.

Our typical client is a successful entrepreneur who demands something greater than the conflict-ridden financial advice which most firms dole out.   With our advisory services, you can retain as much or as little control over the daily management of your account as you feel comfortable with.  Typically over time our clients get to know our style and abilities and the relationship evolves as our clients gain confidence in what we do.

Many of our clients really benefit from a "Financial Quarterback" which is a service we provide.

Financial Quarterbacks do all of the following:
  • Help you implement your ideas and opinions into investments.
  • Analyze deals/ideas/projects collaboratively.
  • Provide a gatekeeper to whom you can direct inquires from relatives/friends for investment into pet projects.
  • Coordinate existing managers/investments and enable reporting on a total portfolio basis.

#1 You do not have to transfer any assets to us in order to benefit from our advice.
  • It is your money, leave it wherever you feel best.   We work with a variety of custodians and can help you without the need to transfer any assets into our custody.
#2 Our advise is available on an "a-la-carte" basis.  For one advisory fee you are free to take as much (or as little) advice as you like.

Tim Dooling,
Sep 18, 2012, 1:38 PM